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 Queendom Life mission is to serve and inspire women wherever they are in their self-love

journey. Understanding the ebbs & flow that comes with doing the innHer and outHer

work, QL hopes to be a hub for self-care tips and ideas for great DIY projects that will either

inspire personal growth, keep the skin glowing and/ or serve as empowering reminders along

the journey.

 Here’s to a journey of healing, creativity, love, and self-discovery.


Hey love, I’m Jesula, and I am thrilled you’ve stopped by on the blog!

My Background: I am 29 years old, of Haitian descent, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I am the oldest of two of my favorite human beings on earth.

I’ve got a slight obsession with head wraps and red lipsticks (No really! I’ve got 10 different shades of red lipsticks for every occasion lol). I have a B.A in Theatre from Florida International University (Go Panthers!)







I am always exploring new ways to be creative. I’ve ventured clay sculpting, painting, making my own body butter, candles, and scrubs. (That’s just to name a few) One of my latest favorite hobbies is photography! I am still new to the craft and by no means do I consider myself a pro, it’s just something I love to do! I enjoy taking pictures mostly of nature since I spend the majority of my time outdoors.

I don’t take a lot of pictures of people, but when I do it’s usually of candid or random moments of my family and friends acting naturally like themselves. Here’s a few pics out of the thousands I’ve saved in my Mac book.

I am a Queen of frugal shopping. Before I splurge my hard earned coins I try re-purpose or recreate my version of something I might of saw in a store( that might of been out of my budget). Heck, even if I can afford it I always tell myself, “Girl, bet I you can hot glue or spray paint this for half the price” lol…

That brings me to my second f a v o r i t e hobby, DIY & Crafting. I find so much joy in the process of creating and sharing the final results. I love to get my creative juices flowing so when an idea or inspiration strikes, you can find me shopping for hours at a Dollar Tree or thrift store. I am a minimalist girl all day! And there is nothing better than a few good versatile statement pieces that will serve more than one purpose. Since I am now redecorating my home, much of my projects I post on here will be home decor.

Also, in June of 2016, I turned one of my hobbies into my first business! I launched my positive affirmation soy candle line Soul- Xpressions on Etsy.




 I am a survivor of sexual abuse. Growing up in a religious, strict, abusive and dysfunctional home as a child the only happy place I recall having was at school.  It was the one place I could be myself. It became my safe haven where I could escape from my realities at home.There I was allowed to be creative and was encouraged to use my imagination. To my friends, I was just another kid like them that had no problems (at least on the surface).  I felt safe and acknowledged by my teachers. If I had it my way, back then I would never leave my school, in fact missing a day was the end of the world to me. Yup, I was so that kid that cried my eyes out if I was forced to miss school.

My teenage years were dark and painful because of the shame and secrets that weighed heavy on my spirit. I’d carry many burdens for the actions of adults around me and it drained me emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

I suffered silently throughout years. Up until my mid-twenties, I decided to give therapy one last try.

A pivotal moment came during a session when I asked the question, who are you? And I couldn’t respond honestly. I’ve never been asked that before. I cried three sessions later attempting to give a right response but each time I’d bring up being raped and not having a voice. I could say all that I’ve been through but I couldn’t answer the question who I was. I identify as a rape victim for so long that I denied myself to be anything else. I felt robbed and damaged. Up to that point, I believed my voice was not mines and I didn’t feel worthy of anyone. During those therapy session did I realize the impact words have on our lives. Nothing physically kept me in the past, but psychologically I relived the stories. It was the replaying the stories (no matter how horrific) that kept my bondage to my past.

I had to release myself from the loop in order to find out who I was.

I’ve been on this roller coaster of a journey now for the past two years. It’s a lifestyle I commit myself to call Queendom life.

Here I am constantly unveiling my truth, removing masks, healing layers of pains and asking the hard questions that I thought I knew the answer to. I’ve learned to dance to the beat of my own drum, to embrace my femininity,  and to journal my thoughts instead of harboring them deep inside behind the walls where no one can ever find them. I’ve also discovered new ways to express myself unapologetically, to co-create with God, to heal, to love- myself and others- and most importantly, oh my God! Most importantly, if not the very first thing I did was, forgave myself.

I now realize that I had been denying myself of happiness not solely due to the trauma I experienced but because I believed myself to be powerless. And that, in itself, was the biggest lie I ever told myself.



“What would it be like to live your life boldly, vibrantly, barely giving notice to those inner and outer voices that constantly harangue you to step back, quiet down, and not take that risk?”


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