Declutter Your Desk With This Chic & Inexpensive DIY Post-it Display

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If you are a post-it Queen like myself then you know how cluttering those things can get at times. I don’t know about you, but on many occasions, those little suckers disappeared on me by falling behind my desk. And of course, I usually don’t notice until I’m vacuuming my room.

Because my desk is entire to small my memos would get lost in a sea of notebooks, books, bills, and Shaun- T workout DVDs. So I came up with a neat idea to replace the faux flowers on my desk with a memo note display instead. And what a great decluttering motivator. I swear once you organize one part of your room or office then a domino effect happens when suddenly you want to tidy up and decluttered the entire space.

Or is that just me? (Let me know in the comments)

Try this cute DIY post-it display to keep all of your memos in one place. It’s really simple to make and inexpensive. Everything here was purchased at my local dollar store minus the spray paint which I bought at Lowes.

First, you will need a glue gun, two or three faux (carnation) flower stem and a couple tiny laundry clips.


Take apart the flower and the stem. And if you like you can spray paint or paint your tiny laundry clips. (I know Michael sale some colorful cute ones too, definitely catch them on sale!) Next, I spray painted mines rose gold, matte black and turquoise.  Last, once your clips are ready, you will hot glue them to the stem.


Wait about 3-5 min for the glue to completely dry.


Clip all of your memo’s and…


 Viola! Your desk is now clear from any post-it notes!



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