How To DIY A Vision Wall For 2018

Now your phone won’t be the first thing you look at in the morning!

Hey Love! It’s that time of year when we usually pull out old magazines, glue sticks, and construction paper to create an effective oldie but goodie, the vision board/collage. This year I decided to be a little extra (I mean why not?) and I designated a wall in my bedroom as my vision wall instead.

To be completely transparent guys, this idea came about for me to get out of the bad habit of picking up my phone and scrolling down my social media as soon as I woke up. I notice I had a problem when 15 min of scrolling, tagging and commenting turned into almost 2 hours…yeah, so you see why I need a whole wall instead of a board lol. Nonetheless, I finna do betta in 2018!

Bonsai Trees

Now I can dedicate an entire post to why I believe everyone and their great-grandmother should have a vision board or collage. It’s not so much the vision board itself, it’s the intention and commitment to manifesting your desires and dreams. 


It acts as a manifestation tool to help you make your dreams or goals more real and obtainable once you define and get clear about what you desire for yourself.

Before you get started, I recommend setting your intentions in a journal. Really take the time to connect with yourself and decide what you want to manifest 6 months to a year from now. Also, reflect on everything that you went through this year. What were the lessons in all of the goods or bads? Now, what do you believe you have to do in 2018? Take your time to answer this and try to sum it up in one word.

For this DIY project you will need the following:

  1. 8-12 frames- I purchased mine from the Goodwill and spray painted them with the exception of the wooden frames which I painted in metallic gold and the white letters. Those are purchased from Michael’s (find their 40% off coupon on the website).
  2. Several cut out quotes, images, mantras and affirmations.
  3. A clipboard or chalkboard to write your weekly or monthly goals.
  4. Glue, scissors, and paint (if you’re painting your frames) I used a Gold Metallic Paint

If you want to see how I achieved my DIY vision wall then see below!

PS! If you are a quote hoarder and serial affirmation collector like myself then this DIY project is for you!





For me, 2017 tried my spirit financially, it pushed me mentally and knocked me to my knees each time I stubbornly said no to getting out of my comfort zone. Granted there’s a big ‘I Will Say YES’ sign on my 2017 vision board (girl don’t judge me). But my fears got the best of me whenever there was an opportunity for me to show up and say YES. My lesson is that my old belief system kept me from stuck in many areas of my life. What I now know to move forward in 2018 is to be brave, focused, and accepting of myself, flaws in all, and to believe that I am worthy of my dreams. 


Next, add your I Am affirmation.  This will definitely set the tone for your day. When you know what you, you act accordingly!
Prayer and/or mantra’s:   Right after I journal or meditate in the mornings I follow up with this prayer and mantra. Who else plans on be more brave 2018?!
Add a quote, image and/ or affirmation.
Preference: I did not mind if the frames weren’t even within the rectangular I tried to create. Some may want to use a ruler and measure each frame about 6-8 inches apart for a more polished aesthetic.


How to DIY your vision wall


I would love to see your 2018 Vision wall! Upload your vision wall to Instagram or Twitter and tag me @queendomlife or add #vw18 in the captions.

Happy crafting love! Can’t wait to see it!
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