I most certainly don’t think I am a strong writer to start a blog. I tend to write how I think. And that’s typically improper English, a repetition of one new word I haven’t used in a while, but sounds fancy and prestigious. And jumbled up metaphors and quotes.

I didn’t want to do this quite frankly. Well no, correction I am s c a r e d to do anything out my comfort zone.

[Me writing this post the entire time] Oh F—!


Something in me kept pushing me to do this. Writing on topics which I feel I have no experience or business in telling another woman how to find her crown or to define in her own terms. I mean I know I have made so many mistakes and although the process of learning the lessons were a bitch; I’m mature enough to share my lil tid bit of my wisdom. Granted, I am no Iylana baby! Shit I am struggling to keep my own damn crown steady on top of my head.

Who am I? That’s the excuse I’m repeating to dismiss these thoughts. Like who the fuck am I to share my scary process and struggle of womanhood. As if the woman who is reading this is looking to me for some type of antidote or insight for whatever situation she’s undergoing.  Right…

And…yet again, here come these damn feelings!

They went from being an idea from two years ago then into an urge and to an annoying dream that I avoided every day through binge watching Netflix, skits from Dormtainment, and my personal choice of reality ratchedness, Real House Wives of Atlanta or just about anything on my Youtube recommendation list. Guess you can say I gave this dream of mines the ‘friend zone’ treatment. I’ve yet to meet someone who can dodge the shit out of the very thing they need to do in order to get what they asked for. Sounds idiotic and contradicting, right?!

Ehhh… no judging. You know you can relate #teamprocrastinate

Well, today I’ve decided to give this ‘sharing my journey into womanhood a chance’.  What’s the worst that can happen? I share intimate, growing pain and embarrassing stories with strangers and possibly a few family members I purposely ignore who will find my blog through my Instagram…but so what, right?! I am not worried. Nope, I do not fear showing up for the challenge and to fail miserably, again. Girl, who? Not I…

[Looks up at affirmation wall in desperation]



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