DIY- Spray Painted Thrifted Finds


I recently stopped at my local Goodwill to purchase a few items I can revamp and decorate my room. It’s typically a hit and misses for me but this weekend I got lucky and found a few cool vases, old bottle of wines, elephant toys, push pins, plates, and frames.

I converted to a more minimal lifestyle a few months but I felt like my room was missing something. I needed a bit of a warmth and chic so I opted for gold and white

I picked up a metallic gold and white spraypaint at Michaels.

I always clean off the surface of any items I purchase at Goodwill with glass cleaner prior to painting or spray painting the surface.
In an open ventilated area I carefully sprayed everything on newspapers and old towels.

Not only was this budget-friendly (15 bucks to be exact!) it gave a pop of color my room craved but it also complimented my brown furniture, faux green plants, white bedding, and curtains. It tied in altogether and made a great modern-day-chic decor.
These picture frames and bowl turned out really cute!
This tray is definitely my second favorite find. I spray painted the outside white and along the trims, I painted it with a gold metallic acrylic paint. For two bucks, I got more than my monies worth! Free Projects, Tutorials and Webinars
That’s actually an old wine bottle I bought for fifty cents.
I absolutely love these toy elephants!
I found some old black beans that I no longer needed so I decided to spray paint them with metallic gold.


Everybody Loves Sulky
Finish DIY look!



Have you discovered any cool items that you jooshed up recently? Let me know it the comments below!



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