Love Trumps Hate: Much needed 72 hour Social Media withdraw

Unheard. Overlooked. Tired. A g a i n…

Once all of my emotions settled these were the first few words that described what I was feeling. I was in disbelief that someone of this caliber would be the leader of the free world. I felt like the progress we made as a Country is now threaten with old but familiar bigotry, hatred and simple mindedness. I was angry at America for taking us back to 50 years.

Like the millions of out-raged American’s, I took to social media to vent my disdain and frustration with what just happened.

Apart of me knew better. I knew that getting on my social media was not the place to turn to for answers or let alone have a discussion with anyone while still in a state of rage.  Yet I pushed aside my intuition and found myself exchanging words with a few people who challenged my stance. People I hadn’t spoken to in years came out of the wood works on my Facebook to either comment their disagreement, to mediate or to simply voice their anger and shock.

To say the least, it was becoming ugly. I notice right away that I was becoming more and more uncomfortable with the meme’s, negative comments and attacks towards people who were in support of the outcome of the election.

By Thursday America was divided.

I had a co-worker share with me that he’d cut off his friend and any family member who were in support of the election. Protests arise in all of the major cities and for the first time in my young 28 years of living I seen a split between the media. I saw nothing but fear and shock. And with that came a lot of disrespect and division.

I had to log out.


Queendom Life
Unplug and kill the noise.

I logged out of my social media and removed all news apps on my phone for 72 hours. Immediately after I did the following:

 Went for a run outside

For the last few days I’ve went jogging in the morning and walking at my favorite park in the evenings.  I assure you there is nothing like being surrounded by nature. And because people had time off from work and school for Veterans day, there was more families than usual at my local park. I was first greeted by an Asian family that was out barbecuing, I then enjoyed overseeing a handsome group of Latino men playing soccer, and along my walk a few teens rode their skateboards passed me, and near the river bank were to young men enjoying a romantic picnic. And the cutest thing that warmed my heart was this little kid no more than 5 years old, racing on his bike with all his might to beat his dad. When I was headed back to my car, I saw a man playing his violin near the lake. I come to this park often but I never paid close attention to the people around me.

Then it hit me. The world doesn’t stop because of one man. And who I am and the decisions I make is not validated or dictated by no man.


God, what do you have for me to do in such a time as this?

This is your will and I choose to be aligned with you.

I ask for discernment. May I be slow to speak and fast to listen.

I ask you to Help me to see the Purpose in my problems, even when none of it makes sense.

I release the worry and fear that weighs me down. And I invite your Love and light to flow through me.

I ask for wisdom, courage and revelation to do the work that is called on my life.

I pray for the healing and covering over the people in America and our new leader.

I lean not on my own understanding. Selah.


Process. Vent. Plan. Let it ALL out and repeat.

 Remove myself from negative and fearful energy

I am so blessed to have an amazing group of women as my mentors and friends! We have a private page on Facebook but this Saturday we had a conference call and there was nothing but an outpour of prayer, support, and wise insights being shared. It had nothing to do with the outcome of the election but everything to with how God is a God of Love. Nothing real can be threatened.


Take care of myself

I threw down in the kitchen with my mom for dinner. She taught me her new healthy version of kale collard greens ( will definitely post recipe soon).

While my favorite 90s music played in the background, I took a hot bath with essential oils and afterwards I rubbed coconut oil and frankincense oil on my entire body.

I cuddled with one of Lisa Nichols books and sipped on some Raspberry lemon tea.


What do I know to be true? What changes I need to see happen? What will I do now? Where am I needed in my community? How can I reach my Mayor?



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