L I F E’ S C A L L I N G



Well, maybe sharing my journey of healing from traumatic experiences isn’t necessarily someone else’s prayer but I like to think someone can at least relate.

Maybe it can encourage a new perspective in a situation that is merely a phase or temporary.

Or maybe it can be a reminder that you are not alone. This thing here life is not meant to go through alone.

So Queendom Life is a blog to document a journey filled with healing, self-care, sharing candid stories and lessons. It’s a memoir being written everyday.

In my short 28 years of living, I have endured some fucked up shit that really was supposed to destroy my soul. Through favor I garnered the strength and courage to pick myself up and to subsequently reinvent who the world and experiences told me I should be. I now choose to live as who God seen me to be before birth.

And I choose to do it with all of you.Unfolding, capturing, and discovering what being a Queen is about.

I welcome you to Queendom Life.



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